Being a gold member of is really incredible for the great benefits you can have. You will take hours of fun with the benefits that you will have

The benefits of gold members are as follows:

✔ Gold Member-Only Skins

Skins that only gold members can get

✔Golden Nickname

This will undoubtedly make you stand out from the other players by the golden name

✔ G Crown when you chat

Not everyone can have a crown in chat, except gold members

✔ 2X (Double) Starting Mass

At the beginning of the game you have a great advantage that you start with double the mass !!!

✔ Unlimited Freeze Cells (Press F)

You can stay frozen for as long as you want just by pressing the F key. When playing this option it will allow you to do tricks that will make the game easier.

✔ Cloak Invisibility (Press i)

When you become invisible you will make the players believe that you disappeared, going unnoticed you can eat them without them seeing you taking an impression

✔ Wearables

You will have a gold crown, exclusive to gold members

✔ Toggle Skins on Minions

You can put skins on your minions !!! Something very good that will make a big difference between the other players

✔ Hold 2x as many powerups!

You will have more chances to get more powerups while you are playing

✔ No more video ads!

The great thing about being a gold member is that you will not have to see ads, something that really annoys when it comes to playing