If you buy gold members you will have freeze for free and you will be separated quickly and you will also get gold and yellow chat, you can give your bots skin

Game agma is a game of the online genre and many game genres, sever

In the game you can find the server you like to play and also make friends many good people help you earn coins and level

Every time you level 10 you will get 1 cute to show you how many levels you have

When you are playing a team your team dies without finding you, will have a party mode to help you find your team easier.

When you enter the shop, there are many things like Rec, speed, ice, shout, spin, and more

You have more hats and wings to help your skin richer

When you play agma without any team, agma will have bots for you

The bots will depend on the amount of coins you buy

10 bots 50 bots 100 bots 300 bots

You can also create your own Skin with 1000000 coins

Every 30 days you will be able to change another skin

If you have finished reading this, you should go

wed: http: //

to enjoy the game

and wish you happy gaming <3