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Introduction:  If you don't know, is a game very similar to, both for the type of game and for the graphics, with the addition of powerups. In this post I will talk about the general aspect of, I will also talk about its details!

General: As, when you play you can do a registration, to level up and save your game data. Whenever you advance levels, based on it, you earn an amount of x coins. You can chat with other players online, create a party and invite friends and players.
You can also ask other players for friendship so you can play with them when they are online.

There are lots of powerups that you can buy with the coins earned by playing, advancing level, buying coins with real money or doing tasks for rewards (

  • Recombine powerup:

   when you have split cells, this powerup allows you to recombine them all together instantly, without being subject to viruses. after buying it, simply press E to use it.

  • 2x Speed powerup:

    this powerup lets you move twice as fast as normal. To use it, just press S

  • Growth Potion:

    this powerup, after being dropped to a cell, allows you to earn 1000k of mass, to that cell

  • Push Enemies (360 shot):

    this powerup, makes a force emanate from your cell that drives away all the other cells of other players from yours. I recommend using it when an enemy is making a solotrick (by pressing z based on your mass and simultaneously holding down w), towards you so that his biggest cell stays back and the smaller ones come towards you, so you you can eat them

  • Freeze Opponents:

     lets you freeze an enemy for three seconds by dropping it on a cell,

  • Spawn Virus:

     You can use this item by dropping it where you wont, you can use it on a cell to divide it into many small cells (it's like a normal virus, but you can put it wherever you want)

  • Spawn Mothercell:
            it is like a virus, but it also lets out some small cells (which don't move but can be eaten), can only be used in experimental servers
  • Spawn portal:

      the spawn portal will teleport you to a random place on the map, to use it, just drop it anywhere on the map and go into it

  • Megaphone Shout:
             with this item you can write a test to send to all people on all server
  • Wheel of Fortune:
              you can buy this item to add 1 spin to your wheel spin

For buy some items/powerups:

Skins: You can use lots of skin: free skin, you can buy skin, you can use level skin or custom skin, and you can create your own skin!

Wearables: There are a lot of Wearables, you need to buy them and after that , you can wear them

Abilities: (They are valid for 24 hours!)

  • Freeze yourself:
    Freeze urself-0.PNG

      use it in game pressing F, very useful when you have more than 40.000k mass to do solotrick (FREE FOR GOLD MEMBER)

  • Cloack Invisibility:
            use it in game pressing I, allows you to become invisible for 30 seconds and to stop it, just press I key again (FREE FOR GOLD MEMBER)
  • 2x Spawn Size:
             every time you enter the game, your initial size is x2 compared to normal (FREE FOR GOLD MEMBER)
  • 2x Exp:
              you earn x2 Exp compared to normal.




You can buy lots of different size and number of bots, using coins or real money:

Coins: You can earn coins by level up, pick up coins in game or buying coins:

Gold Member:

you can buy this type of member (VIP) with real money. When you buy it you have some free abilities, skin and you can earn fast coins for buy powerups or bots!

Wheel: Every 24 hours you can spin the wheel for earn one of this rewards:

Spin to win.png

  • 1x Santa Hat
  • 50K coins
  • Spawn portal
  • Spawn mothercell
  • Instant Recombine
  • +1000 mass powerup
  • Double speed
  • (if you are unlucky) Nothing

On There are lots of servers like Gigantic, Crazy, Popsplit paradise, Battle Royale, Selfeed (from 05/07/2019), and others.
You can join them by clicking into the server list and choosing one of this servers.

You can change the game settings and the control settings:

Game settings (activate/deactivate):

Show Skin, Show wearables, Show colors, Show name, Show minion names, Large names, Name Outlines, Show mass, Mass border, Fancy grid, Section grid, Gridlines, Dark theme, Infinite zoom, Fixed zoom, slow motion, minion panel, leaderboard, chat, minimap, cell border, trasparent viruses, classic virus look, polygon shapes, line shapes, bubble cells.Control Settings (press a letter key to modify):

PLAY: Split, doublesplit, triplesplit, macrosplit, macrofeed, fixed mouse, respawn

POWERUPS: Recombine, 2x speed, 360 shot, freeze yourself, invisibility

MINIONS: Toggle control, split bots, feed bots

        SPECTATE: Toogle camera, freeze camera
There are other settings next to the profile section:

User settings (activate/deactivate):

Online Status, Allow party invitation, Allow party animation, Auto feed

Gold member only settigs (activate/deactivate and ONLY for gold members)
Gold nickname, gold crown in chat, set skins on minion, video ads.

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