☀ is a game like but better!

You people are asking your selves how is better then has cool features like hats cool skins that are for free, but there is a better feature than skins and hats there are power-ups.

what are power-ups?

power-ups are a few powers you can get for a few dollars or you can get them by finding them on the map of

there are a few of them like speed powerup recombine powerup spawn virus there are many.

there is more you can buy bots, what are bots?

bots in are like robots that come to you automatically.

How do you get good at

there are many YouTubers on youtube that you can learn how to play and do cool tricks, there are a few tricks like solotrick, popslit and tricksplit.

if you want to watch YouTubers playing i suggest to go watch

Adam Ol Dostum




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