Most people know about the basic tricks in, like solotricks, cannonsplits, and tricksplits. But through testing and discovery many more unique ones have surfaced. This page will get you informed on some tricks that can be very useful and effective in, but take some skill to pull off.

  1. Inverse two-piece solotrick: This trick can be done by only having two peices, each 6k to 15 (SAME SIZE). The targeted player need to be pretty close between your two peices, shown by the picture.
    Then you need to have your mouse on the opposite side that you want to solotrick at. Split once towards that direction, then split again towards the middle of your two pieces, then move your mouse towards the targeted cell and split all while holding w. (Use z to split all.) If done correctly, (it's hard to get right) your two cells will have fed into each other and made one big cell on the target, with all of your other little pieces behind you. This trick takes a lot of practice, but when done right, is very effective and cool.
  2. Solotricking with extra pieces: The next trick requires you to have enough mass to be able to solotrick, so 10k to infinity mass. Note that if you have more than 40k, you'll need to use freeze to control all of your pieces. There are two methods to this trick. One way is to have two pieces, both same size, ish. Then just solotrick with those two big pieces and it will still work like normal. The other way is to have one big cell and a few little pieces, since people assume that you need to only have one piece to solotrick, then this will catch them by surprise. You can solotrick like normal the opposite direction of your little pieces, or you can move towards your little pieces, so they move away from your cell, (so when you solotrick your mass doesn't feed into those pieces. Then when your pieces are decently far away, you can solotrick towards someone unexpected of your surprise solotrick. Easy to pull off, cool and fun to do.
  3. Half solotricks: Based on your skill level, you have learned about how the z key works. You can split more or less based on how long you hold the key. Based on this, you can do half solotricks, solotricks where you don't split all the way. You can do this by doing a solotricks, but only hitting the z key for half a second. Beware of not holding it long enough, or you could triple right into someone, but don't hold the key for a full second or will do a normal solotrick. If you have 15k, you can do a half solotrick, and use the other pieces that you didn't use and do another one right afterwards. This can be very useful for running away or getting somewhere quickly, or even better you can solotrick away from someone who will solotrick you, then solotrick back and they will split into you, as done by multiple you-tubers like Beetle, Lucky, and Sagar. You can use this trick to solotrick farther, like half tricking with 20k, so not all of your little pieces have fed your big cell all the way, so they push your cell a lot farther. Or you can use the freeze key (optional) and solotrick on someone when you have 8k, which isn't enough to do a normal trick. This trick is hard when learning the timing of the z key, and using this trick effectively based on different situations. But once you get it mastered, this is very useful to be able to know how to use.
  4. Backwards solotricks: This trick can be done with 10k to infinity, but is best when having 40k and above. To do this you need to have the freeze key. The difference between this and a normal trick is that the targeted cell is close to you, so if you do a normal trick then you will just split into them. So to do this backwards solotrick, you need to split all away from the player, then freeze. Then feed towards the target until you can eat them and unfreeze. You should have been able to have your pieces push your big cell onto the target. Make sure you do this relatively fast, because people can split onto your frozen pieces and eat you. Do not do this trick if you are the same size as the target, or if you are smaller than them. There is a variation to this but instead of using freeze and splitting all, split once behind you and then solotrick like normal. You have to do this all at the same time or it won't work right. This can be doesn't fast when mastered, and can be very useful when applied in the right situations.
  5. The half mass troll: This trick is a trap for unwary players. You need to be able to freeze for this one. All you need to do is split and hit the f key at the same time, and your cells should be directly on top of each other, so you only see one piece, so it appears that you are smaller than you really are. Incorrectly, you will be able to see a little of the second piece under your fist one. From here, you can wait for a player who is about your size first piece, so they don't think that you can solotrick them, but you can still trick like normal if your pieces are DIRECTLY on top of each other.
    Images (1).jpeg
    You can also use a recombine to troll other players bigger than your two pieces. They will try to solotrick you, but right when they almost make it, hit e with a recombine and your two small pieces will merge into one big pieces and eat the solotricking cell. There are multiple things that you can do with this, other ways than those that are described here.

Remember that these are only some suggestions, you can vary these to your liking or make totally new ones that I haven't mentioned here. There are hundreds of tricks to discover, you just have to try new things and have fun with them.