Advertisement - Gold Membership - Gold Membership has many features, in which one consists of "Gold Membership". What is Gold Membership? Should I get Gold Membership? How do I get Gold Membership? All of these questions will be answered within this article. 

Gold Membership is a exclusive in which gives you several features and accessibilities. It is definitely worth it if you enjoy and love playing the game, and you game on it daily. You can get Gold Membership by either buying it for 4$ a Month or do some rewards and get it.

Well, JustPower, this doesn't explain enough? What features does it provide? 

Their are several features it has, such include:

  • Gold Member Only Skins
  • Gold Nickname
  • Gold Crown Wearable
  • x2 (Double) Starting Mass
  • Gold Crown when you Chat
  • Unlimited Freeze Cells (Press key "f")
  • Cloak Invisibility (Press key "i")
  • Toggle Skins on Bots
  • Hold x2 as many powerups
  • No more video ads

If you enjoy playing Agma, I strongly suggestion you get Gold Membership as it is very cheap and affordable. You could also do some simple rewards to get Gold Membership, either way works. Social Links [1] Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Discord:

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