Advertisement - Powerups has this thing called "Powerups" which are designed to aid and assist the person who has them. Powerups can be used in all sorts of situations and in most situations, typically a powerup could be useful.

Their are all kind of powerups and they all have different abilities and different prices. The price range of powerups is from 0-100,000 Coins, depending on which one you want to get. Every powerup:

  • Recombine Powerup (Max 10 Per Day - Get gold for double!)
  • x2 (Double) Speed Powerup (Max 15 Per Day - Get gold for double!)
  • Growth Potion (+1000 Mass)
  • Push Enemies (360 Shot)
  • Freeze Opponents (Max 15 Per Day - Get gold for double!)
  • Spawn Virus
  • Spawn Mothercell
  • Spawn Portal
  • Frozen Virus
  • Anti-Freeze (Freeze Protection for 15 Seconds)
  • Anti Recombine (Cancels a persons recombine)
  • Zombie to Human (Vaccine for Infection Mode)
  • 100 Walls Infection Mode (100 Walls in your Inventory in Infection Mode - removed after you disconnect!)

Their are a lot of powerups which you can see daily, and you can buy these by going to the shop. Typically, their are keyboard keys to active these powerups, like "F" or "S", etc. Information on the keys you must use to activate the powerup should be found once you hover your mouse on it in game after purchase.

Powerups provide a fun experience and I recommend getting a pack of powerups and then just having fun! Social Links Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Discord:

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