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We all have great personalities and would rather be ourselves than anything else. has the feature of where you can create skins, use skins, and wear other people's skins! To avoid innaproperiate content, the moderators even check the skins!

Skins can make you feel better and more comfortable with something you like, and then can provide a greater experience. You can also buy skins that Agma made, or use a Youtuber's skin! ​​​​​​

Their are around thousands of skins to choose from, and their are new ones that can be located in the "New" Category and Popular ones that can be located in the "Popular" Category!

I highly recommend you use skins if you are in a team as just being a blank skin could lead to impersonation, but also if you use a skin a person trying to impersonate you could lose by not finding the skin you are using. Social Links Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Discord:

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