Advertisement - What it's about - What is it? is the most popular .io game in the genre. It is similar to the game but way more advanced and has way more features. is free to play and on any platform. It was designed to be kid-friendly, and that works really well. 

This game comes with many features to provide a great experience to users. It brings on a challenge to the individuals who have their desires to play the game. You are a cell who eats to gain mass which puts them on the leaderboard, and use whatever you have to your advantage to not die and try to beat the others. Picture the game like this, you are a skinny guy, but then eat more and more and when you get poisoned you then respawn as the skinny guy and repeat the process over again.

The Community provides videos, skins, propaganda to so it can get better and uphold decency. shows ways that you can get do to get involved or get rewarded which shows how much really cares about the Community. The Community is also rule-abiding and is non-toxic, non-profainity, and very supportive. 

In Agma, mainly, you can be yourself and do what you want but with one rule - having fun! If you like the game, you should engage more within the community to meet new people that can become your friends and you never know they might help you one day. Social Links Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Discord:

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