Advertisement Abilities has many diffirent abilities that you can purchase for ingame coins.

These abilities can help you in many diffirent ways. One ability will let you spawn twice as big, another one will let you fast feed. These abilities will give you a big advantage over others, the 2x Exp boost will make you level up 2 times as fast and Freeze yourself will let you freeze anywhere, anytime. Some of these abilities can be very good and help you. If you buy the Sleight of Hand for 24 hours you can virus people even faster than before! They also have two diffirent abilities that are coming soon, those two are Ice Barrage and 2x Speed.

Ice barrage will let you freeze opponents for a certian amout of time that will cost 900 ingame coins.

2x Speed will only be able for Gold members to buy for 59 000 ingame coins. Here is the link to buy Gold membership

They can bought under the section "Abilities".

Sleight of Hand (33,000)

Macro Split (24,000)

2x Exp (199,000)

2x Spawn Size (30,000)

Freeze yourself (29,000)

Ice Barrage (900)

2x Speed (59,000)



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