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This wiki is as the title indicates about the incredible game that is

It's a totally free access game and also to play it, with the possibility of making voluntary payments for certain abilities or bonuses that I admit are sometimes worth it.

Here is the link for those who would like to get started, be careful, addiction guaranteed:

The game is a multiplayer game where you play as a cell that moves within an area bounded by a red square. In this area, small "points" allow you to grow but several ways exist in order to gain volume and have a place in the top 10 ranking.

Indeed, you can eat all the other cells, vice-versa, you can also eat from the mother cells that pop "points". You can feed others or even get fed by pressing the W key. There are other ways, but they require you to pay either with game money or real money such as the bonus that allows you to get fatter by a certain amount of mass. The mass represents the size of the cell, or the food it has accumulated.

How to play it ? 

Depending on the game modes, the keys vary. So don't hesitate to have fun testing them all and asking for help in the chat room or on the forums about game controls.

What makes a unique game ?

Many factors come into play, but in my opinion,'s most advanced feature in the field is the possibility of being able to create a game whenever you want, wherever you want, with your friends or up to 12 players including yourself.

It's very convenient and fast, because you're in the map located at the bottom right of the screen but also each of your teammates.

Each friend has a number assigned to them, which you will find on the map.

You can therefore reach your friend directly via the map without searching for him for long minutes.

How to be good at ?

When playing with friends, be responsive and interact. It is this interaction and understanding of each other that will move you forward and overcome the various obstacles. If you don't understand yourself how you want to get fat ? To do this, feel free to chat in the "Party" tab of the chat.

It is impossible for me to present all the cases and provide you with the solution, because each game is different and the combinations are infinite. The good player is the one who adapts to each situation and knows what attitude to adopt or not depending on the case.

Observation is also an important key to the game.

Make sure you observe not only your game and that of your friend, but also that of the enemies!

Most of the time, observing an enemy and its movements makes it possible to anticipate its movements. For example, it is possible that a large cell not far from you does not seem concerned about your presence, but it only takes a fraction of a second for its cell to move in your direction, that period of time when the change of direction takes place, to understand that there is a good chance you will end up in its stomach if you do not act. 

I apply this method myself and I guarantee that it is working and that it is very effective. If you didn't pay attention to this cell that seemed harmless to you, then you would have ended up as dog food.

Even better, if you and your friend have understood the intention of this cell, your friend could, for example, give you all his mass just before the enemy's attack when you would have noticed this change in direction. And now it's the opponent who wouldn't have anticipated that.

So you can see that the way of playing is not only about moving forward and chasing small cells to get bigger, but much more than that. But once again, it requires intelligence and reflection. Making choices is not always easy thing, but if you are a master of this art, be sure, you will end up at the top of the list.

This was only a small part of the attitudes to adopt and the pro strategy.

Now let's talk about tricks.


Tricks are manoeuvres to be performed with the keys of the keyboard that most of the time allow you to eat other cells, bigger or smaller than you ! I'll introduce some of them to you. And don't forget that I'm talking about Gigantic 1 and 2, Giga and Giant modes.

1) Solotricks

There are several solotricks :

  • Popsplit The cell you want to eat has to be near to a virus, or a mother cell. When you feel that the cell is enough near to the virus, you simply have to split up in the cell so that it can eat your divided cell. It will make it grow and therefore explode because of the virus next to it. If you do this right, your remaining cell should eat the opposing cell during its explosion. This trick is simply enjoyable and impressive. You can do it on this small cell as well as on huge cells like planets, the effect is all the more incredible on large ones. Practice before you do it on large cells or you could lose all your mass !
  • Solotrick To make sure you don't miss out, I recommend a minimum of 11k mass to make this trick. The trick is relatively simple, simply hold down the W and Z keys at the same time in the direction of the desired cell. The effect is impressive I let you discover it ! This trick can be monstrous if you have the right timing, for example if you see a huge cell divided into several small cells, go ahead and do this trick, you will then get all the mass or a large part of the cell.

2) Other tricks

  • Splitrun It is not a trick strictly speaking, but it is a good method to eat cells at least when you're playing with any friend. This one is quite difficult to achieve at first, but once acquired, the results are outliers. You and your teammate must have an average mass. The goal as the name suggests is to divide you each other as you move forward. There are many tutorials on YouTube to better illustrate my point. I therefore strongly advise you to see one or two of them. After that, I advise you to follow a square pattern. I explain, you and your friend must divide yourself by forming a square successively, while each eats the cells of the other. If you see enemy cells you want to eat, head towards it while continuing the Splitrun, once you get close enough, eat it !
  • Basic trick You stand between your friend and your enemy. Your friend is completely divided between you and your opponent. All you have to do is divide once in the direction of your enemy and that's it !

Bonuses and items

One of the most important things in a party is power. You can buy them with real money or with game money.

There are many of them and they each have a very particular use. For example recombine which allows you to merge all your cells if they are divided, speed which allows you to advance faster, portal which allows you to teleport, freeze which allows you to freeze your cell at any time and many others. 

I hope this wiki has helped you! 

If you apply the advice to the letter, you will see your level increase considerably, which is a good thing. 

We meet in another wiki to guide you even more in the game.

Good luck!