Custom Skin

A new update !!!!!!! Wich is a custom skin,Wow Everyone is waiting for it its a cool feature which you can add your favorite skin,like anime,flower,or even your clan skin ,this is so awesome and the best is you can deside if you want to use your skin for your private use only or you can use it in public,which every one are allowed to use your skin,so cool right???This is worth 500,000 wich is worth it,every one must work hard to have this skin (not those who have there million coins lol) wow I can't still moved on to this update .Me and friend are waiting for this update ,there was instructions on in at the custom section 1you need to buy a Custom Skin Slot 2 Upload and image you like and enter a name of it and 3 you choose if you want to make your skin on public or private use,4 save your work 5.this is cool the skin must be approved by staff before use,seriously I like this one because stuff have a control in any skin you want like on other game I saw some skin wich is not appropriate (nude skin) to a game ,there's a lot of kids playing the game we must need to think there kid friendly.and finally is 6 .play with your skin 😊,And there was some important things you need to do *Image Requirements*its should PNG-files only  Or (JPG - files are allowed but not recommended) maximum size 1MB (max size for JPG is 0.5MB) Recommended dimensions 512x512 pixel (min 128x128,max 1024x1024) NO copyright image and no abusive or inappropriate content ..and its cool to beacuse your custom skin WILL NEVER EXPIRE*** wow but once your skin is approved it can never be changed anymore for a period of 30 days,After 30 days you will have the option to change the skin again and it says that the change of skin must be need an approval of staff before use .This is total a cool feature I try some io game but agma have a complete feature,a friendly and recommended game for kids ,girls ,guys even those parents lol ,you must try this game you will never regret playing it I can say the best io game ever,,nice job from our adminstration with is Sora and the rest kevin and all behind of this good work wow I salute you guys ,good bless you.

Thanks  Girl power25💋