Advertisement Giant giant is one of the servers in Europe and United States. It is the most known and most people play it. You get to see lots of people in the server like a Server Creator. It is one where you get fed lots of mass and you get big quick. It is easy for some people. Most teamers come to giant and I usually do United States and if you have someone really big spam killing, no worries you can just go to Europe! It is the same exact thing but different people and more or less. Most people use power ups or find them, or use viruses or generators. It is also easier to be AFK because you would be so big and no one could eat you (Unless you get virused) so be quick! Giant is a skilled server and most people use Z or W and eat people quicker. Most people also chat or use portals/ power ups because they buy them or gain. Giant is one of the most popular servers because is like a hangout and nothings wrong with it except the mass which makes it better. -This article was made by ๐Ÿ†ƒ๐Œ„แนจ๏ผฌฮ”ลฆแŽฅฦ‡ย  ๐“™๐“๐“š๐“” (A.K.A AyyNexusAyy).

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