The Ultimate Guide For Noobs

Coins: This is the most wanted item in the game because it is easily changeable with any other item this means it is very hard to get.People are always wanting coins and here is some ways to get those coins!

-Farming This is the most easiest way to get coins but the hardest one to do You will need alot of mass in order to farm a nice amount of coins a great way to get very big is teaming with someone this is the best way you either ask to be team with the top player or you can be a team with someone you know is good most people are very friendly so don' get mad when people don't wanna team with you the more you are active in the community of (discord and chat in you will make more friends and later on these friends know other friends which is gonna cause you to team with your friend and they team with they're friend so your a trio and then you begin to make friends with they're friend then the same happens over and over again until you get in the community deeply than this is when people will start feeding you and inviting you in the game and help you farm.Another way is to login everyday to and claim your coins everyday with /claim until you reach the limit of 20,000 coins now imagine in 5 days you make 100,000 coins just by continuing your streak and saying /claim once a day.They also have a spin the wheel feature that you can test everyday and see what you can win.I have made a suggestion about a new idea and hopefully it is implemented into the game which will make a bit more funnier for noobs.

Powerups: This is the most best and worst thing about the game as they are hard to get.They are a couple ways to get these powerups.If you do when I told you how to get coins with getting friends this should not be as a big as a problem as if your best friends with someone they often will give you free powerups aka when they are farming they might give a rec here and there.They also will be challenges in they game if you look at the shouts sometimes people do events for free gold and powerups.Maybe you could win one of those also they are many giveaways on youtube for powerups just follow their instructions and who knows you might win.The best thing is to not beg for powerups like most people do that ruins your chance completely of getting any powers and that's most what noobs do you have to show them your deserve powerups.The best way if you have no talent is doing what I am doing and Write a article and gain some powerups on if you article is good enough more info on this on

Bots:This right here is the best way to get mass.Ways to get bots is actually way harder than any other thing unfortunately they only way is by buying it with money or coins.You could also try to get some from the rewards page of and maybe do one of they're task.

That is the Guide for Noobs Complete guide will come out very soon as this was to prepare you for the complete guide with many more ways of how to become the ultimate noob!!!!!