Advertisement Informational Wiki page is very similar to the popular game In you play as a ball that consumes tiny orbs or other players. You consume things to become the biggest ball, which is the main goal of the game. There are different server options that have different perks and gameplay to them. Things can get challenging within that game depending on the skills of the players your up against.

In the game, it has a party option. This is used to create a team, or party as it is said, you can have multiple people part of one group. One person can create a party and invite others to it.

Within the game, you are capable of earning or buying Gold. There are many perks to having Gold, as you can get exclusive skins only available to Gold members. There is also other perks, one considering that you start with 2x more mass, ads also get removed. You can get two special abilities in which more information about Gold can be located on the official website.

There are options to get rewards for free. This can include coins, gold, and even official bots! To get these you must go to the Free Rewards website. There are multiple options to do to earn these rewards. Many of the things you do are to generally help

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