Advertisement is the best io games because you can use bots


as well as you can use skins wearable. You can take

over servers with using power ups. Are you tired of waiting to

recombined took out that fear. You can also switch

to a different server with a different type of games.

If u like shooting there is one with shooting. is the best

game that has been invented. If u ever wanna

play a game it has to be



You are able to buy membership it is so cheap and worth it

you are able to freeze before 1 sec of combining you can bait.

You also can get membership skins and a crown. Also u can become

invisible. If you buy it the best is just to buy the 12 mouth member ship.

Also you spawn with 1000 mass about but if you have membership you spawntwo times bigger. Also you get bots.


They are so cheap 2.00 and you can get 200,000

My coins.png

But the more 5.00 you get 560,00 the more money you spend it gives a profit more coins on top

if you spend. With those coins you can buy awesome wearable´s and power ups

and abilities.