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Welcome to Agma Tips Wiki! is a really cool game in which I have played ever since it came out. First, go to the website Once you're in, make an account, make a nickname and press play.

Now, in, you will land on a grid as a colored blob with 1000 mass or 2000 if you're a gold member. The goal of the game is to consume or eat the smaller pellets lying around to become larger, while avoiding the large blobs that can easily consume you, which then means game over.

Once you get big enough, you'll be able to eat the other smaller blobs/players, which makes you even BIGGER. But, you won't be able to move so fast again. You can move faster with a powerup, but we'll get in that in a sec. So put, eat and avoid being eaten. The first on the leaderboard is the winner.

To control your blob in the game, you just need to use your mouse or trackpad, to move. To feed mass, click "w". Did you play In there, feeding was BORING, right? But in, you can feed really fast without causing your teammate to fall asleep. To split into somebody, press SPACEBAR. This is usually very useful when trying to eat somebody that's twice as small as you. In, you could only split x16 times. In, you could split x64 times! Viruses or mother cells can split your blob into many pieces, which may be a bummer when someone splits into you after.

So, already into the game? Maybe you'll need a few tips in order to actually become big and survive.

Tip #1:

Hide behind or into viruses in order to escape someone, but watch out! They can move the virus towards you and eat you! Make sure you try to deflect the virus towards them!

Tip #2:

When you're big and you just can't get some mass, try to corner really big people. But, you must be bigger than them in order for this to work!

Tip #3:

Try to have at least less than 4 pieces to stay alive.

Tip #4:

Bored? I guess you already know these kinds of things from tips. But, here is a cool tip/trick you can't do in Solotrick. It's probably the most famous trick in You basically split into x64 pieces and hold "w" for 0.5 to 1 sec. This helps you get a decent amount of mass to a faraway distance. Cool, huh? There is a catch though. Make sure there aren't any small blobs or bots in front of you because if you try to split into a million pieces in front of them, you'll die.

Tip #5:

There are power-ups in the game, which you can use to against other players. But they cost many coins. Try to get coins by buying them at the official website of or by mass feeding the gold blocks to get coins out of them. 1000 - 10000 mass into the gold block = 2,000 or more coins. I won't list all the power-ups, but you can see them in the shop.

Tip #6:

Speaking of shops, there are skins and other tabs in the shop. Skins can make you look very cool, especially with wearables. Then, I noticed people will think you look slick and will want to invite you to their party. More people in your party = more mass, which means more coins! There is a free section, a level section, a buy section, a gold member section (VERY COOL) and a custom section, so I think you know which one's which.

Tip #7:

Last tip. I think you should use the ability section the most because abilities are very, VERY cool (YES, I'M LOOKING AT YOU, ANDREW). Anyway, there is freeze, invisibility cloak, x2 spawn mass, and x2 XP. They are very useful and I think they should be spent on (my opinion, okay??).

And last but not least, thank you for visiting this page. I put a lot of hard work into my writing and would love it if you put positive comments about it. So, see ya!

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