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Curiosity offers many secret chat commands. For example, you can share with the Chat your Level (writing "/level" in the chat), how many hours you have played (writing "/hours" in the chat), your Rank in-game (writing "/rank" in the chat), and your amount of coins (writing "/coins" in the chat). also offers fun features such as shaking yours pieces (writing "shake" in the chat), flipping your pieces (writing "flip" in the chat), spinning your pieces (writing "spin" in the chat), making your pieces jump (writing "jump" in the chat), and making your pieces wacky (writing "wacky" in the chat). You may also combine these commands with up to 3 at once. (E.g., writing "JumpShakeWacky" in the chat. Blog and Forums has a blog created and sustained by Squid, a an agma player and owner of the community. The Blog contains news and information about Agma, updates, features, tips, tricks, and free giveaways such as bots and coins.

link: Forums Daily Reward has frequent giveaways of bots/minions and coins. You have to sign up at the forums, and make some posts. The forum owner Squid will reward your agma account with bots or coins, completely for free.

Agma-Forums link:

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At the following link you will find the french wiki whit informations and others tips about's world !

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Popular Articles
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    In this game you can get up to 300 bots! Bots are one of the things .io players like, so made it so you can either buy, or use your coins in game. There is all sorts of bots you can get like 100 mass bots for 1 hour, the least you can get is 10 bots.

Agma Discord ==

Agma Spin Wheel

In you can find a spin Wheel, where you can win a free reward every 24 hours. You can also buy spins for 16,000 coins. You can win many diffirent rewards in the spin wheel.


Santa Hat (Worth 4,000,000 coins)

Instant Recombine (Worth 9,000 coins)

Spawn Mothercell (Worth 38,000 coins)

Spawn Portal (Worth 39,000 coins)

Growth Potion +1000 (Worth 12,000 coins)

50,000 coins (Worth about 0,50 dollars)

Double Speed (Worth 5,900)

or if you are unlucky you can win nothing.


There are several tricks to earn coins here I will show you 2: - You can enter ultrasonic either from Europe or North America and in the gold block give mass to exchange them for coins but be careful when you put it in gray you will have to wait for it to turn golden again or remove the mass -In the shop on the left you will see some letters with coins that say ¨ [free coins] invite friends¨ and there you can refer a friend and when he reaches level 5 he will give you a point: - with 5 points you gain 40 bots for 1hr - with 10 points you gain 100 bots for 4hrs - with 15 points you earn 50k coins - with 20 points you earn 100k coins   These were my favorites in my personal opinion. What do you think?

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