Advertisement is one of the latest browser-based IO games inspired by There have been so many games like this released on the internet for a long time, and is a new one with better features, graphics as well as more interesting challenges. If you are looking for a game like to upgrade your gaming experience, then feel free to join! You will have another chance to meet new players and challenge them to more matches for a chance of reaching the top. is an Agario-inspired Strategy IO game that you play in a browser for free. When you jump into the map, you begin directing a cell to collect a lot of generated colored dots scattered on the ground for increasing your size. Keep eating them as much as possible to grow your size bigger, giving you a higher chance to win.There are plenty of enemies around you, so if you don’t stay careful when you make every move, you can get destroyed anytime. The most annoying thing about this game is that your cell can’t move at a fast speed. It’s very slow when you jump into the arena, which can get you annoyed. You have to accept this fact, but if you want to better your movement speed, try to eject some mass or hit the viruses on the map to split your cell into pieces. By doing so, you can move faster a bit, but you won’t be able to grow in size rapidly.An important thing you need to know when you decide to split your cell into smaller pieces is that the chance of you getting eaten by other enemies is very high. Your pieces are defenseless when they bump into enemies with bigger sizes. Therefore, you will become a tasty prey of the opponents easily, causing your game to be over or you have to grow your size again. If you are at risk, just quickly combine the smaller pieces again. This will save your life and you won’t be eaten by others. The main objective of game is to reach the highest rank on the leaderboard where you will become a powerful ace of the whole playfield.

Besides familiar yet addictive gameplay, also contains a shop where you can buy many items using the currency you gathered in the game. Go to the shop to buy your favorite stuff after earning some money. You can also engage in a party to play with some online friends for vanquishing the whole arena. Have fun, guys!