Solotricking or known as a solo tricksplit it is very good for eating someone, that is smaller then you but watch out someone that is smaller then you could reverse you. to solotrick you must hold w+z at the same time.To reverse a solotrick you have to split into them right when they are about to solotrick there are many YouTuber's that have videos of reversing. Another way to reverse a solotrick is using the 360 shot powerup, the 360 shot powerup is used to push someone away and can only be used in servers that allow powerups. Some servers don't allow powerups, so when you use the 360 shot powerup the person trying to solotrick you has to be bigger then you, then when you use the 360 shot it pushes them, then you spit over there pieces finally you will eat them! Also you can buy the freeze ability in the abilities section. The ability costs 29,000 coins or you can get it for free from buying gold member ($5USD) (4), the freeze can be used for solotricking when you are above 40k mass you have to press "F" key first then aim at the person or something you are gonna solotrick then while you are still frozen hold w+z

That is all about solotricking!

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