Advertisement is the game with many different modes to play, featuring catalog, VIP (Gold Membership) for a month, wearables to include on your skin, creating skins and public skins, level skins, gold skins, youtuber skins, bots, which many games have removed but we still have them. We have power ups, which really can annoy people but they come in handy! You have lots of methods such as tricksplit, linesplit, but they work on different modes. The game also has levels, like most games but it goes up to a very high number! Few so people reached 300! You can buy coins, or also win giveaways, or make articles like the one right now.

Gold Member

Gold member is basically VIP in the game, you can buy it for a VERY low price of $4 a month, you can even buy it up to a year! Gold member allows freeze, which is an ability you have to buy for 29,000 coins, invisibility, a new ability that allows people to be invisible, more like the ghost in battle royale. Skins for gold, a gold crown, a gold username and privileges for bots! I highly recommend Gold if you struggle at the game, it will help you.

Skins has a huge system with skins. One thing is creating a skin is 1,000,000 which is hard! You can get skins that people make, recommended skins or more like free skins, youtuber skins but you have to subscribe to them, gold skins for gold member only, buy skins which can cost 20,000 up to 1 million. Also level skins, for every 10 levels up to 80, then you can 1-2 skins, but they it goes to a range of 50 levels.

Wearables has a game that includes wearables. They are hats that can go on your avatar, weapons, facial wearables, faces/ eyes, many other things. You can also win 1 wearable in a daily mystery wheel if you are lucky enough!

Power ups

Power ups are basically boosts or objects that can help you for very cheap prices in the range of 40k. You can get power ups by buying them in the shop, with money, or by picking them up in game! Maybe, just maybe if someone gives one to you! You can also spawn viruses, portals, or generators.


You can earn bots by referrals (Which are good), by buying them with coins, or real money, or also by writing articles or earning an Agma reward. Bots are found annoying to other players, but you are just lucky to have them. You can have as many as 300 bots! Now that is insane! But also XXL bots! They can come in sizes, you can also control them.


Most people in Agma use abilities. Abilities are basically power ups, but can be more helpful in types of situations. A common one is freeze. Freeze is a way you can line split really good. You can also do it without, but that can be more dangerous which is why most people team. Abilities are 24 hours long, which is really good.


Parties are basically a team chart so you don't have to remember what your teammates name is. You can invite people, deny the request of one or accept. You can also do this by clicking someones user in chat and then inviting them.


This game is really addicting, and I can suggest that you listen to music. Also use strategies, or you can watch youtubers for tactics! When playing, be sure to be watch what you are saying in chat also and that you are not doing stuff you are not suppose to. Agma has admins that sometimes patrol. Please be thoughtful towards others because we all have feelings, and just have fun, use strategy and enjoy!


This article was made by Nexstrious. I continue to attend and be active on as much as I can, and play giant which is a really fun mode, maybe you can join me!