Advertisement is one of the best free games, the goal is to be bigger than other people. but you have to eat a lot of food to be bigger, but be careful because there are many enemies, but that does not mean it is impossible! You can find a batat who helps you and can help you get up to be bigger. When you play, you can observe that there are some gold coins on the track that you need to buy because you can buy a lot of things in the shop, which makes it easier to progress. But there are also many extra things, such as decorations, caps, glasses and many accessories. But this is where a lot of skin comes in gold, but looks very good, but there are plenty of free skin. In the game you can buy gold for real money, very worthwhile and not expensive. There are still a few things to know about the game: You only have to eat your opponent if 55% more, 55% is important because if he is a little less, he will not succeed. However, there are viruses that will protect you if your weight is less than 130 in hiding. Use w for a crowd, but use the space bar to make it easier for the smaller opponent. There are a few trick in this game if its size is larger than 10 k, press and hold w and hit z. There are 2 secret rooms, one of which is on the left side of the track. The E1es section has a portal and is surrounded by an impressive recombinant, gears and a green that you can pick up to increase its size. If you are going to go to the second secret room whenever you see a portal, enter 7 with the letter w. After that, split and go in. And you arrive at the second secret location where you can find insant recombine, speed powerups, and 3d green stuff that will increase your size.

Of course this is not on every server. There are many servers: Crazy, Crazy2, New Battle royale, insant merging and many more. I hope I could help a lot :)