Agma Update: Feb 2019


Welcome to the summary of Agma's Update.

Free Fastfeed and Fastsplit

  • Autofeed and Autosplit have now been made free for all, after requests from the community!


  • Highscores/mass scores calculated with higher precision.


  • Stats page [1] now displays daily/weekly stats accurately.
  • Stats page now also shows gameplay stats such as players consumed, food consumed, viruses consumed, splits count, death count, and total time alive.

New skins and wearables

  • Check the shop for new skins and wearables!


  • Friend requests are not included anymore in friends amount.
  • Friend requests amount is displayed separately on friend requests tab
  • New button "accept all" in friend requests tab
  • Unaccepted friend requests will be removed automatically after 30 days
  • Users who had more than max limit of 200 friends will have their friends capped to 200.

Minion animations!

  • Animate your minions by using the chat commands after switching to your minions with Q-key. For instance, type /spin in chat when you are in minion control, and spin all your minions.

Right click player in chat

  • Right click a player's name in the chat, and see the options as if you would right click that player's cells on your screen.

New chat commands

  • Type /coins in chat and the amount of coins you have will be displayed for others to see.

Available bot packs

  • You will now receive a notification through chat when you login letting you know if you have an available bot pack.

Stacking gold membership

  • New goldmembership purchase will get added on top of previous gold membership if the previous did not expire yet 

Portal mothercell glitch

  • Players that are entering a portal to teleport will not get consumed by dropped mothercells anymore (sorry trollers).

Bug fixes

  • Major bug fixes

Performance optimizations

  • Numerous performance optimizations, reduced lag

Highlighted cells

  • Dropping items on another player will highlight the player's cells

See player skins and wearables

  • Right click on another player, if he is wearing a skin and wearables, you will see them.

Limited edition and exclusive skins

  • A slot for limited edition and exclusive skins

Better blocking of cuss words

  • Better blocking on chat, nickname, and megaphone.

No video ads for gold members

  • No more video ads for gold members when playing!

See active abilities

  • The abilities tab in shop will now have a checkmark next to the abilities you own. You will not be able to buy duplicate abilities or get charged for buying an ability you already have.

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