Advertisement is the best game ever in the world

HELLO are you getting tired of Well there is a way better game game with more mechanics and more features. Its called!

HOW TO PLAY has the same controls as,w to feed and space to split. But you can doublesplit by pressing d. You can also press other letters on your keyboard to split faster. The goal of the game is to get the most mass just like agario. You can also press m to respawn on map whenever. Unlike agario, there are also free skins so you cna look cool. And there is also a chat so you can talk to people.

POWERUPS has powerups as well, such as, Recombine (e), 2x speed (s), 360 shot (w), freeze self (f), and invisibility (i). Powerups are really useful and they can help you get alot of mass. i wish i had it.


Coins help you buy stuff in the shop. They can be found around in the map, or you can just buy them with money. For example, 200k coins cost $1.99, 500k coins cost $4.49, 1.2 million coins cost $9.99. i wish i had it.


Gold membership is very cool. i wish i had it. With Gold Membership you cna get a Golden Crown on your skin and a Golden Crown in chat, a Golden Nickname, 2x the starting mass, unlimited freezes cells, invisibility, wearables, minion skins, hold 2x powerups, and disabled ads. So Goldmembership is very worth it because there is way more features.


There are multiple server to visit. You can pick which country you want to play servers on such as, Europe, North america, and asia. There are servers like Crazy, Splitrun Paradise, Selffeed and more! i wish i had it.

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