Agmalogo a 1.png - An in deph Beginners guide!

So you have just stumbled upon this incredible game, whether its from a friend or just from randomly looking up pictures of a circle... you are here now and have already probably been called a noob more times than you can count. Well fear not... I am here to change that for good!

First things first! - Getting to know the menu.

When you first click onto Agma you will be greeted with a menu that looks like the following:

Agma User Interface.jpg

Whilst this can seem a little complex at first, it really is quite simple.

On the left you have the login section, this allows you to create an account by clicking on the orange register now text, after that you will be asked to choose a username and password for the future.

By creating an account you will be able to earn experience, level up and earn coins to buy items that make you look better while playing.

On the right is the server selection part of the menu, this lets you choose what continent you are in so that you can get better connection as well as the different modes you can play. For now, choose the continent you live in and click on the Crazy gamemode.

The middle section of the menu is where you can choose the name you want other people to see you as, this can help you make friends and I highly recommend you have a name even if its something very simple.

To the right of the nickname is a small icon called "skins" if you click it it will open the following menu: Skins UI.png

This is the shop and its where you can buy all sorts of items to improve how you play or what you look like when you play, if you want to look good you can click on the blue "use" button to select one of the free skins. Other skins are available, however you have to buy them with coins you can earn in game or with real money.

On top of skins there are also different item you can get such as powerups which are found in the "General" section. Powerups can help you as a beginner however its best to not use them until you get a little bit more familiar with how the game works.

Once you have explored the shop a little and you are happy with what you look like you can press the red x in the top right corner to close the shop and we can move on to the next section... Playing the game!