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Quick intro: Hello all! I plan to keep this updated and ongoing. This Tips and tricks guide will be organised for beginners and pros and i will try to keep a very clear line so people aren't wasting their time with things that aren't their skill level.

With that being said, here we go. 

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(Beginners  Lvl 1-40) Right, so when being a beginner at both and there was a lot of things I wish I learnt a lot earlier, these are the things I will be covering. (As this is for beginners if you are already a decent player I recommend moving along to a higher "difficulty")

When you first start out, playing might be a bit confusing. First, find the game mode that’s right for you. We recommend Giant, Gigantic and Crazy, which are the more popular servers. (If you’ve played or before, shouldn’t be too different in playing, besides the fact that you can buy power-ups to be used in game!)After finding a game mode that you are comfortable with, get to know how to play it-observe the players around you. What are they doing? What is their similar playstyle? You can also watch videos from youtubers on, such as the official youtube channel.

-Basic Controls: Z → Max split, will split your cell into the maximum amount possible

                      W → Feed mass      M → respawn     Space → Split

Note: If you go to settings, and click on controls, you can change your keybinds to your preferred keys. Below are some tips and a few tricks that might come in handy and improve your gameplay!

- Careful With Splitting/Knowing When To Split:

. This might seem like common sense to some but to other players they never quite get it right. Timing your splitting can be the difference between a trick and dying. 

. Although it may take some time to get this down you can always team with someone good and watch how they play (Watching YouTube videos will help as well)

We suggest Youtubers such as Cubi, Iceyy, Firebone, and General. (No Offense to Magma but he only uses bots and power-ups, won’t get you better at the game, just for content and it looks dope) Links to these channels will be put near the end. 

- Self Feeding

Whenever You Split Into Many Pieces Of Mass. (From A Virus, Self Splitting Etc.)

You Should Hold "W" (FeedKey) Into Yourself, Making One Of Your Pieces Bigger

Than The Rest Therefore Having A Less Chance Of Dying.

(Basically Place Your Mouse On The Piece You Want To Grow And Hold "W")

- Viruses When you feed mass into a virus, you can shoot it or push the virus into another player. This will cause them to split into many pieces, can give you the opportunity for a quick and fatal attack!

- Double Splitting and Triple Splitting These tricks are on the hard side for beginners and may take a while to master. For double splitting, press the spacebar twice and you cell will split two times. This is effective for killing players at a long distance, when you can’t reach them with a single split. To triple split, press “T” and your cell will split 3 times, gaining you even more distance than a double split. If done correctly, your pieces should be in a straight line. This split will come in handy later on, when you are in your intermediate and advanced levels. My personal reference (James) is to change the “T” key to the “X” key, since your finger is next to the “Z” key and you don’t have to reach all the way across the keyboard. Doing that could buy you a second of valuable time.


(Intermediate  Lvl-40-70) So when we're an intermediate player we can easily stay alive and maybe kill some players but we seem to get stuck at 10th-7th (roughly) these little tricks can help you get up to 2nd-3rd (roughly) These skills usually come with some time but we will help point out what you can do.

-Using Tricks

Using tricks such as, double splitting, trick split, split running e.t.c can enhance game play dramatically, these tricks are based on confusion, speed or even just baiting the other player. One trick that we recommend is the solo trick split. This trick can be done easily by holding down the “w” key and pressing the “z” key for roughly one second. If done correctly, your cell should have one big piece in the front and many small pieces in the back. The objective of this trick is to try to eat enemies in front of you with one very large cell instead of 2 or more. WARNING: You can only solo trick in Giant, Gigantic, Crazy Asia and Battle Royale. In Giant and Gigantic, you have to be at least 8k mass and in Battle Royale you have to be at least 6k.

-Teaming By now, you should have acquired the basic skills needed for teaming with other players. A moderate split run, trick splits, and a controlled movement should be easy.

 -Splitrunning (In addition to teaming, works in all servers besides X-Insta) When teaming, split running is very effective-it gains distance and allows you to eat other cells smaller than you very quickly. When done correctly, you and your teammate will get to 1st place in no time! To start a splitrun, you should first split your cell into many pieces. Your teammate will split and eat them, then split into many pieces just like you did before. Now it’s your turn and you keep on splitting, eating your teammates pieces and keeping the cycle going. If you find a cell you want to eat, stop the splitrun and self feed into one big cell. Be Careful of getting double split or solo tricked while split running. If you see another cell go for these, quickly press “Z” into your teammates so their cell will be large and won’t get eaten. 

-Practicing the basics

This seems and is obvious, practising the very basics often will lead you to discovering your play style and if your lucky even your own little tricks.


(Advanced  Lvl 70+)

Congrats! You are now a pro at the game! Now the hard stuff comes. Ever heard of a reverse solo trick split? Or a pre split? It’s ok if you’ve never heard of those terms yet. Below are some advanced tricks and tips made by Cubi! Make sure to subscribe to his youtube channel - Cubi

Skills list:


-How to improve?

If you are a smart person, this will not be hard for you. Experience is basically memorizing all the different tricks and varieties in cell movement patterns. Play lots. Notice what's going on around you. Notice what you are doing yourself.  Eventually you’ll get that, for example, when someone is at 5k mass in Giant and they are aggressively feeding nothing. Some people would think they will solo trick. But in reality they are baiting and will split once and kill you.


-How to improve?

A lot of these skills require the smart stuff in your brain. You need Experience, Reading, Fake Out, Logic, Avoiding to improve prediction. For example: to reverse a solo trick you first watch movements. Then you notice they are in a certain position  for a solo trick. They will either not do it or do it and you accidently go before them or just slightly later. That's ok. It happens all the time.

Reaction time

-How to improve?

Reaction time takes Experience. Usually prediction but not as much. But the way I improved reaction time was most likely my year of playing osu !( It's a reaction type of game and a long with many other games I played. I get put under pressure and have to react fast. Simply play a reaction game.

Fake Out

-How to improve?

This requires Experience, Reading, Timing it is simply faking out someone in a trick. Examples will be listed under every trick.


-How to improve?

Im naturally logical (not a flex) and this is a huge part of this game. I most people can’t do this but you cannot improve Logic. Maybe as you get older but otherwise not. The name says it all. It improves prediction.


-How to improve?

This requires Prediction, Experience, Fake out, Logic, Reading. This skill is to avoid yourself from getting reverse by your own trick. Improve the skills listed above and you will naturally avoid watching others trying to do a trick on you.


-How to improve?

You need to improve Reaction time, Prediction, Experience. Heavily for this to come naturally.


-How to improve?

You will absolutely need to improve Everything

Why everything? Because if you even read anything, you would know that they are all relying on each other.

  1. Microsplits 

-Skills required:

  • Fast reaction
  • Timing


This is the trick where you are at some mass and someone is on top of a virus and you split into them a certain amount and kill them with the virus as usual with. Popsplit. Related. Things. 

2. Vanish splits

-Skill required

  • Logic

This is an extremely easy trick. Its just 2 cells with one of them overlapping someone else's. Then going to a virus and just. Do a split on them.


  1. Vanish double
  2. Vanish (ect)Popsplit
  3. 90’s split

3. Popsplits

-Skills required

  • Everything

We don’t stop here at just a regular popsplit! Popsplits have an infinite amount of variations, all that is required is to have another cell near a virus and BOOM! Below are a few popsplits you can try out, most on the advanced side of agma.

  1. (ect)Popsplit
  2. Vanish pop
  3. Long pop
  4. Line pop
  5. Any many, many more. Be creative. Use logic to make new tricks. But please. Do not go on saying you made a new trick.

4. Solo tricks

-Skill required

  • Everything

Coming back again to solo tricks. In your intermediate level, you should have mastered a basic solotrick. But did you know that solo tricks, like popsplits, have a numerous amount of variations?! 

  1. Side Solo trick
  2. Long Slow Solo trick
  3. Backwards Solo trick
  4. Center solo trick

Now you may be saying again. Wtf are all these “made up” solo tricks. Well. technically they are all made up by many people. It's because we use logical thinking. Hey. im 20k. I can go a Center solo trick to kill that guy far away. It's not anything new. Its kinda like what people do in where you go off to the side first then solo trick. Except they don't have a max split button (z) so that's one thing we have right now.

5. Reverses

-High skill required of everything

This will take very. Very. long to explain since this is just a prediction type of situation. It's almost impossible to explain. 

  1. Reverse solo tricks

-This trick is one of the hardest tricks to master in, mainly because of prediction and a quick reaction time. A reverse solo trick is where a player quickly splits into another cell who is about to solo trick them, and as a result, will take all of the other cell’s mass, since you can’t solo trick at a short range. To perform this, you have to read their movements, predict how they will play, and then go for them less than a second before they solo trick split. 

B. Reverse popsplits

-Extremely weird thing to pull off and to explain. How it works is that. You estimate their cell mass and your mass. Divide their mass by 4 and see if you can actually reverse popsplit them. Yes exactly reverse pop. Distance from virus is essential as well. If they try to split into you first you use your reaction time to double back at them. Not a single split. This is not avoiding a popsplit. Don't get it confused. If you calculated mass difference and “future” mass correctly and timed it extremely well, you'll actually have popsplit them back in the middle of a popsplit. This is hardly ever seen and I have never once seen it done in my life. I've done this a couple of time because the setup and mass difference have to be nearly exact to what's needed. You need high logic to do this as well. You can't be a 4000 cell. And they are 20000 mass and you try to double into them to reverse. It will never work like that. 4000/4= 1k 20k/4=5k. If you are not an exact distance from the virus. This won't work either way. It will look like that you have popsplit their middle piece and ate the other centerpiece. Leaving edge pieces.

6. Your own tricks

-Requires patience and everything else

This is exactly as it sounds. Yeah make your own that are effective. This takes patience as most of the times. They will not work.  Use logic to decide what will work and what won’t. 

  1. Solotrick Popsplit
  2. Reverse solotrick popsplit

7. Long split

-Only recently realized this was possible. If you are a gota play this should be easy

All you do is time your z button to how many cells you want to split. Preferably 3-4x

And hold w. For some reason this makes the split straight and long. Good for pres and reverse solo tricks. Your z button timing has to be pretty accurate though

8. Virus reverse solotrek bait

-Typically when you virus someone or a pro. They will solotrick directly at you to eat the virus you are shooting at them and to eat you. First pretend you are virusing them then when you are at a certain distance you just split around or directly through the virus into them and you might get it.


We hope that this document we have put together and established helps you become a better player! Remember, no one gets good from just reading this alone-practice makes perfect. Good luck and farewell!

(Links to good youtubers) Chanel -

Cubi -

Xwiz -

Iceyy -

Firebone -

Raperin -

General -

Beetle -

Alex -

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