Hi, my name is Zeptix and im an player, on its pretty much but with special features and diffrent game modes

Gold Member

Well, Gold member has got to be the best membership in any game its at a cheap price for only $9! it provides Gold member skins, crowns, Macro feed, macro split, freeze and A crown next to your name into the chat and dot forget the gold name!!


Bots are another feature in, you can team with them, use them to gain mass Or Just play around with them in game and to show off to your friends!! at 200K coins you can get started off buying them.


there are plenty of wearables to wear in game On agma such as, glasses crowns, hats shields swords ETC, they cost up to 1M and more But the money is worth it!! show off in game and to wear them just for fun!!

Have i convinced you Yet?? Cmon guys what are you waiting for?!! click the link to start your Agma experiance!! (username: ZeptixG)