Hello, its Pain again from the Selffeed Tutorial Guide. Today I will be telling you all the ways to get coins.


  1. Buying them. Although buying coins is probably a waste of money, its not a waste of time. Getting those coins by buying them because you are too impatient, that's one way.

2. Farming. Farming is probably the fastest way to get coins, how do you do it? im going to tell you. You can farm in a variety of different servers such as, Selffeed Na and both of the normal selffeed servers, Supersonic, and Giant 1 and 2. You farm by feeding a gold block mass, to do that, you press w into the gold block and after a certain amount of mass is fed into it, it will give you back some coins. The coins can range from 100 - 200 in quantity. So you can get 1 coin that is the amount of 2. One of the easiest servers to farm on is generally selffeed. Selffeed is the easiest, well because you can feed yourself and become bigger without having to kill anyone else. If you need help with selffeed, go to my tutorial: .

3. Doing tasks. This link will send you to all of the tasks: . The tasks are easy, just make sure you put effort into them and do your best. You can make a banner for advertising, make a professional youtube channel, maybe be a big youtuber and get real money or make an wiki page, like I am now or lastly make an idea for agma, like a new powerup, a new system. The point is this is probably the most helpful to agma and also helpful to you because you dont only get large amounts of coins, but you can get gold member and XL bots. Note: the harder you work on the task, the more likely you are to get all of the best rewards for doing your task. There's a more detailed wiki on this: [1] <-- Click for the link.

If you have made it all the way here, thank you. I hope this helps you - Pain