Giakhanhnd6a3 Giakhanhnd6a3 22 March 2020

New titles that can update later. Please read carefully!

  1. Items:

First of all, items in agma is so wonderful. Perhaps i think gold block is useless.I have some suggests for the next updates:

  • Spikes(i dont have pictures, so u can imagine then add to the games), we can use it in all servers, cost 45k. When u place it anywhere in the map(same same size of a portal), all players accidently toach this spike, they will be freeze immediately until sb feed the spikes 3k(it disapear). When you are trapped by the spikes, you will lose more mass.
  • Anti-growth potion:(u can change color of the power to red instead of green and minus instead of plus), can make your enemy or maybe u lose 1k mass.(cost: 12k)
  • Ultra-Lightning: (Using a deadly energy image, like speed)Move 200% faster, reduce speed's features on anothe…
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Girl Power25 Girl Power25 18 May 2018
0 WF Clan

            WF Clan (We First)  is one of Clans at,Its Owned By 3 Girl name Girl Power,Meow and Oun,they are Both Gold users who had there own Youtube aswell,WF clan is a private Clan,Members have a limits.WF members are WF Pasa,WF Villian,WF Janie,WF Hannie,WF Mamba,and WF Ikleef..                                      

               WF Clan are Base at Crazy Server,This is the server with almost 100+ players a day.Although you can see alot of player Using WF Fan tag to support us,or maybe just to be one of us,wich is cool,WF clan had over 10 custom skin that available at store. Its Free to use WF costum skin made by Meow,

               WF Clan Owner have there own Youtube Channel That help them to be knowed at…

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