This wiki page describes information relating to bots and how to obtain and use them.

What Are Bots

Bots in are self-controlled minions that obey your commands. You can use bots in every server except for Battle Royale NA and These minions allow you to get to #1 very easily, as without being controlled, the bots will suicide into your cell and feed you tons of mass.

How to Get Bots

Purchasing Bots

You can easily obtain bots by clicking "Shop", then clicking the "Minions/Bots" section, and lastly choosing one of the many bot packages available. You can buy bots with coins or real money. After clicking the "Minions/Bots" section, it should have opened up a new tab showing bot purchases for real money.

Here is a link to the website:

On the original tab you were on, it shows bot package purchases available for ingame coins, rather than real money.

Alternative Ways of Getting Bots

  • Gaining refferals from friends who sign in; after clicking "Shop", towards the bottom left there is a button that says "Invite Friends" on it. Once you have clicked this buttton, you will see show the necessary instructions to. gain refferals and use those to get bots.
  • Recieving rewards from contributing to the game by completing one tasks from the rewards page
  • Simply being active on forums

How to Use Bots

Activating Bots

Once you have gained bots you will want to make sure you have "Minion Panel" activated in settings. To activate your bots, press the "Start Bots" button at the top of the page. Every bot package also has a timer before it expires. This timer starts immediantely when you first activate a bot package, and continues even when you are not using it. (Displayed at the top left of the screen once bots are activated).

Bot Functionalities

Bots will follow to wherever your cursor is hovering on the screen. They spawn randomly on the map at very small sizes unless you have the 100 mass bots package. You can split bots by presssing "A", feed mass from bots by pressing "X", and give bots your normal controls by pressing "Q" (This does not give you the bots' controls). Commands given to the bots will follow throughout all of them at the same time. Bots can also perform every trick a normal player can (Solotricks, tricksplits, etc).

Using Bots in Spectator Mode

You can also use bots in spectator mode. Once you are in spectator mode with bots enabled, the bots will follow wherever your mouse cursor is, except now you have a giant range of vision around your cell. Your bot controls in this mode can be either your normal controls or normal bot controls. One very cool feature with using bots in spectator mode is that if the bot you were mainly using dies, you can just focus on other bots and smoothly continue playing. But the downside to this is that since you don't have a main cell, you cannot team with your bots as if you split, they split too, making cooperation impossible.

Having Multiple Bot Packages

When concurrently having more than one bot package, if you click the "Start Bots" button, the bot package you purchased most recently will be activated. When that bot package expires, the next most recently purchased package will be activated. The expiration time will still always pass normally throughout each bot package aswell.