Community community is constantly growing. Currently there is more than 10.000 registered users in, and there is more than 300 players active everyday.

You can also find on social medias.


Facebook.jpg has its own facebook page which follows over 3 thousand people. It has over 50 reviews and is rated 4,8 out of 5 stars. There you can find about new updates and various giveaways .


Twitter.jpg also has its own twitter acc that was created in April, 2018. It has over 30 tweets and over 40 likes. There you can find about new updates, various giveaways and a lot of youtube videos.


Youtube.jpg has a youtube channel with over 11k subscribers. It has over 30 videos and there you can find various tutorials, videos from players, giveaways, livestreams and a lot of more. On youtube you can find more than 47k videos about Many great youtubers made a videos about, some of them are Kristoffer, Kolibri and Atomical and Arcade Army. There are also many livestreams mostly made by IGs.

AgarioForums.jpg is forum for and It currently has over 17k registered users, over 50k posts and more than 5k threads, and admin of forum is Sora. There you can find about various cheats for, a lot of games like, tips, secrets, clans, about new updates for and a lot more.

AgmaForums.jpg is fan based forum for Admin of forum is Squid. There you can find about various secrets, cheats, tips and lot of more. Forum currently has over 400 registered users, over 1,5k posts and more than 300 threads.

Discord.png also has its own discord server that currently has over 5k users. There you can chat with other players, share your videos and screenshots, join into clans, report spammers and a lot of more.
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