- Custom skin is a skin that you can make on your own and late publish it or keep it for private use.

- It used to cost 500,000 but now it's 1,000,000 coins.

- To post your skin u have to drag it on the circle that says your custom skin when you do all you need to do is click save and than wait for your pending acceptance this usually take around 1 to 24 hours.

- You can buy more than one custom skin.

- Recomended dimensions are 512 x 512 pixels (min = 128 x 128, max = 1024 x 1024)

- You can change your custom skin after 30 days

Now there are around 300 coustum public skins. you also have an option of looking popular skins if you want to see what others are mostly wearing. is posting new updates every 2 moths so we could expect somteing new about custom skin ( my suggestion is animated custom skin or chaninging skins by a time rate 1 to 10 min ).

Also you can become popular with your custom skins. Make other people happy with your custom skins.