Hi guys,today i will talk about things,which make agma unique game in ".io" games.I will talk about abilities and powerups(the favourite part of youtubers)

You can find these items in a shop,there are 2 sections there :



Now i will talk about items in "General" section.


1.Recombine Powerup - this is a powerup,which you can use when you have splited many pieces and you need recombine immediatly.This abiliy you can buy just 10 times in a shop,during the day,1 recombine costs 9,000 coins.Besides buying that in a shop you can also farm them in second room in crazy servers or in popsplit paradise server.You just need to go room 1(it is in E1,left corner of the map,then feed the portal as much as it will shoot some food,and after that feed the portal 7 times and you will appear to secret room 2,and you can farm recombines),you can farm maximum 9 recombines here.That looks,like in 1st picture.You can buy it with clicking buy button,then will be opened a window like in second picture.Then you just need to press "Yes,confirm purchase" button,to buy it,or "No,cancel purchase",so you will cancel that.And you can buy absolutly everything with this method from the shop.


2.2x Speed Powerup - This powerup you can use when you are far from you enemy and he has many pieces and you can eat them,or you need to run from bigger enemy xD.This item you can buy from the shop maximum 15 times per day,1 speed costs 5900 coin.And also you can find them in secret room 2,and farm 9 speed.It looks like in 3th picture.


3.Growth Potion - This item can give you +1000 mass,and also you can feed your teamate with this item.1 Growth Potion costs 12,000 coin,and also if you are reach you can buy this item as much asu want,and get big mass with this.It looks like in 4th picture.


4.Push Enemies - This item pushes all your enemies who are close to you,within 5x your cell size,this item is really usefull and funny item.It looks like in 5th picture.


5.Freeze Opponents - This item you can use against other players,just drag it from your inventory and throw it on other players,and they will freeze for 3 second,and will not be able to split or move...This is good item for making trolling youtube videos.1 this item = 8,000 coin,and you can buy it 15 times per day.It looks like in 6th picture.


6.Spawn Virus - This is also an amazing item for trolling youtube videos.Besides that you can easily spawn a virus on bigger players and kill them.This is good to use in gigantic servers,to get huge mass.1 virus = 38,000 coin and you can buy this as much as u want.It looks like in 7th picture.


7.Spawn Mothercell - This item is like Virus item.The only difference is that thisitem you can use only in exeprimental servers.1 Mothercell = 38,000 coin and you can buy this as much as u want.It looks like in 8th picture.


8.Spawn Portal - You can drop this item anywhere on the map you want,it will teleport players to random location in all map.After 5 minutes it will disappear.This item is good for using in gigantic servers to beat mass records,and also its useful when someone big wants to kill you,you can teleport him somewhere else,when he splits on you.It looks like in 9th picture.


9.Megaphone Shout - With this item you can shout anything you want,and you can use this item as much as you want.It looks like in 10th picture.All people will see your message,in all servers.You just need to press "Shout" button,then write your text,like in 11th picture.You also can choose background color,and then press Shout.1 Shoutout costs 24,000 coins.



10.Wheel of Fortune - 1 this item costs 16,000 coins.It looks like in 12th picture.

You can buy this as much as u want,if you want to use this,you need to go out from the shop,find Spin to win Button(13th picture),and then you will see a "Wheel of Fortune"(14th picture).Here you can win :







50k coins

Santa hat wearabe - this is the most expensive wearable(4,000,000 coins)

These are all items from "General" section of the shop,there are some abilities too,in "Abilities" section of the shop,most of the abilities there are available free for players,who have gold membership.

Freeze urself-0.PNG

  1. Freeze yourself - You can use this Ability with pressing the "F" key, this works for 1 day, and costs 29,000 coins. This ability gold members have for free. And also this ability is used for 100k+ mass solo trick splits in gigantic servers. It looks like in 1the 5th picture.
  2. Cloak Invisibility - This item makes your cells invisible,and other players can't see you,you can eat their pieces,and they will not understand where their pieces disappeared :D.It works with pressing the "I" key, for 30 seconds every time.1 this ability you can buy with 32,000 coins and it will work for 1 day. This ability has gold members for free. It looks like in the 16th picture.
  3. 2x Spawn Size - 1 this item costs 30,000 coins,and you can use this for 1 day. When you spawn in every server you have twice more mass and its easier for you to get more mass. It looks like in 17th picture.
  4. 2x Exp - This is the most expensive ability in all shop, and its helpful for level ups. You can get twice more exp for level uping, and it's valid for 24 hours. It looks like in the 18th picture.


Username: THEBEST321