Well,hi guys.Im Aram.Now i will tell all about my Europe servers. is a game like,but much more better,without less lags,with more servers and

opportunities and with amazing staff and community.

Europe servers are:

1.Battle Royale EU

1.1.Solo Battle Royale EU - these are servers when you get a certain amont of time to get some mass and kill some players,viruses are like in experimental servers of agma,and this is a good server for solo tricks.

You get a main time,thats when you can die,and respwan and try to get big mass again,but when that time ends and you die you r having "ghost time",when you cant eat any players there,and other players cant eat you too,you need to get "Growth potion" item,which is spread on the map.After some time map becomes smaller and smaller,so there will stay only 1 winner who will kill all in the end,the winner gets much coins,usually 10k+,if there are enough players

2.Crazy - people say that this is one of the hardest servers of this game,beacuse there are always much players and random people always virus to big players for nothing,and its hard to keep your mass here(btw for me this is the best server brb)...

here you can easily shoot viruses on players,and his pieces is like dividing into 1000 little pieces,and you can split 1 time and get all...this is an amazing server for splitrun lovers,and its also good server for all tricks and splits(double split,tricksplit,splitrun,canonsplit,push split,for reversing them and much more things).

2.1.Crazy 2 - this is the server where i started this amazing game...this is the same server like crazy,but here you have "split boost",i mean when you split on someone and then pres "w" you go closer to your enemy.Also the viruses works here a bit other...when you virus someone big,usually the pieces was virused,after dividing into parts,is a big,and it can kill you,you just need to play in this server to better understand what im talking about xD

The highest mass what can have 1 piece of player in both this servers is 45k

And in these servers you can find 2 secret rooms...

1 is near e1 on the map,when you enter there there is a portal,u need to feed it untill it will shoot some food,then feed it 7 times and join portal,you will appear to secret room 2 :D There you can get some free recombines and speed,and use them in your gameplay

2.2. Crazy 3 - is the same server like crazy 2,but it has no secret rooms like crazy and crazy 2

This server is much more bigger,and here you can get 70k mass in 1 cell,and this server has "split booster" too,like crazy 2 has,this is awesome :)

In this servers you can find free coins spread in the map,here 1 coin gives 200 coin to your account...

3.Popsplite paradise - this is one of the favourite servers of agma youtubers,who use bots,and beat mass records :D

Here you respawn with 121 mass,you can easily get some mass with eathing viruses and then dominate...Here when you split,you can jump rly fast from a1 to a2,here "split boost" is it's highest level.When you get 20k mass you auto-split,Here also you can find secret rooms(It's also in e1).you can aslo find coins in the map,here its good to farm them,1 coin give 300 coins to your account,and they appear really fast.

4.X_EU Instant - this is a server,when you split and you can combine immadiatly,here 1 coin = 200 coin to your acc (coins in the map).The secret romm is in c1 and the map is smaller then crazy servers...The highest mass here is 40k,and its good to play here when you can freeze your cells...

5.Supersonic EU - This is the best server for farming coins...Here you are moving very very very fast,viruses are like in experimental,when u shoot "w" 1 time to them,they move to there where u shot once.One more thing here you can get free 10 bots for 10 minutes,you can find them in a map,and in secret rooms...When you have 10 bots,and you find on the map bots again,you are having 20 bots and +10 minutes to your current time...Here the highest mass is 40k

secret rooms are:

one in the middle of b1 and c1,and the other one in e1...When you go to the right side of the map,and try to touch the line there,you are being pushed from the wall :D This was added in one of the updates...

How to farm here some coins? It's easy,just get some mass,find the gold brick,and feed it.After some time ot will have gray color,and after 1-2 min it will be gold again :) Every time it gives 3k - 7k coin,and thats awesome guys...during 1hour-1.5 hour you can farm 100k coin..And you also can find some coins on the map,which will give you 200 coin.

6.SlowSplit VirusFarm - In this server there are no any secret rooms,your split are slower then usually,here you can have 12 pieces maximum,and you auto-split when you have 22k mass(this server reminds me agario xD)...Here you can get bigger with eating viruses,when you shoot 1 time to viruses,it spwans 1 more viruse,when you eat 4-5 viruses you can already shoot more viruses,be max-splited and it them all,and have a big mass,really fast.Then...this is the server where 1coin = 350 coin to your account of agma...

7.Gigantic servers - these are servers when you can get huge mass,and destroy the all map.The highest mass in this server is 600k,btw if you have some portals+bots you can get mass 4-6 million and have all map.This is a server where you can do a solo tricksplits with w+z keys,for that you have to have 10k-100k mass to success it,you also can solo trick with huge mass,but for that you have to be able to freeze your cells,which you can get with biyting gold membership or find in a shop.