Everything about servers(Second part)

Hi guys,this is my second article about agma servers.In my previous article i talked about all eu servers,this time ill talk about NA and Asia servers. Here r some servers like EU servers were,so i will skip them.

NA servers are :

1.Battle Royale NA - This is the same server like in EU servers,as i said im skiping this,if you didnt see my previous article ill put the link in the end of this one xD. - This is an amazing server to farm coins,every coin gives you 300 coins to your account,which you can find on the map,and it appears rly fast,like in every 3-5 minutes.Here when you split,its like shoting from the gun lol,you can split realy much and move on all map very fast with your splits...But here your splits sometimes dont kill an enemy,if you split on them,it passes farther,anyway this is good server.

You can get mass with shooting viruses once,and eating them,you can easily rekt biger players,and take top 1 :) The Maximum mass here,whoch can have your cell is 20k,when you have that mass its easier to farm coins in this server,so u can also kill other players :)

3.Crazy NA - Admins made this server speccialy for NA players,to make the game with less lags,what i can say about this sevrer,its like crazy EU + Crazy 2 EU. I mean that this server has also secret rooms,it has "split boost" likecrazy 2,and when you shoot viruses on biger players,their pieces divides like in crazy EU like in 1000 pieces :) Maximum mass is 45k,and here you can find coins on the map which will give you 200 coin :)

4.Splitrun Paradise - This is a unique server.Here viruses have like 500 mass,instead of 130 mass like in all other servers,when you shoot the viruses,they fly very very very few,btw this is also good method to get mass,shooting the viruses and eating them when you have 550+ mass.Here you auto-split when you have 22k mass.Here you respawn with 500 mass,and when you are divided you combine faster then in crazy servers.As small are your pieces as soon you recombine.This server is good for popsplits.

5.X-Insta - This is a server,when you can split and instantly recombine.Here you have "split boost".When you respawn you have 1521 mass,Maximum mass in 1 cell is 60k.Here you also can find coins,every coin = 200 coin to your account.This is a server where powerups mostly are youseful,because you recombine immadiatly :)

6.XY-Insta - This is a server like X-Insta,The differences are that here maximum mass is 45k,you respawn with 500 mass,and here you have no "split boost".Here also 1coin=200coin to your account,but if you have "freeze your cells" ability,i recomend you to play here,when you will have much mass,you can find and feed gold brick and get coins really fast.

7.Supersonic NA - This is the same server like Supersonic EU,without any difference :)

8.FastSplit VirusFarm - This server works,like SlowSplit VirusFarm was,Everything is the same,the only difference is that your split are faster,1 coin = 350 coin to your account also,you have autosplit in 22k mass,and you can have 12 pieces maximum in this server.In this server people from NA will not lag.

9.Giant & Giant 2 servers - are absolutly same like in EU servers were

Asia servers are :

1.Battle Royale AS - The same server,like in EU and NA

2.Crazy Asia - This server is like crazy 2 of EU servers,the only difference is that here are always more people then in crazy 2 lol,and this is a good server for solo tricksplits also like gigantic.

3.Giga & Giga 2 - are absolutly same like in EU and NA servers were

This is the link about my previous article xD

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