Backwards Freeze-line Solotrick

  1. To perform this insane trick, you need to have the freeze ability (free for gold memebers). This trick is a combination of a backwards solotrick, licksplit, and freeze solotrick. So you will need to know how to do those first before you attempt to do this trick.
  2. To do this awesome trick, you need to have at least 50k mass. Then, you need to aim your mouse on the center of the opposite axis that you wish to trick on. Then, split all and freeze all of your cells in place once they are all split. (Note that they need to be overlapping for this trick to work.) Next, quickly switch your mouse over to the side opposite that you split towards, and line up your mouse along the center of that axis. Then feed until your desired cell size is wanted and then unfreeze. If done correctly, you will fly across the map which can be very useful for escaping, reversing, or tricking.

Frozen Mass Bait

  1. To do this trick, you need to have a cell with a lot of mass get popped by a virus, then freeze so that all of your pieces are stacked. Then, when someone tries to solotrick you, unfreeze and they will split into you.

Crazy Fast Coin Farming

  1. Farming coins taking too long? Then use this method to get coins super fast from that shiny block. You will need to split in a line across the coin block, then freeze in place and feed. Because all of your cells are lined up in front of the block, you will feed it a lot of mass which leads to more coins coming out of the block at a super fast rate. Enjoy!

Portal Hooking

  1. In a sticky situation? Use a portal to hook over people and eat them. Simply have a piece that is big enough to eat a player and place a portal so that the peice flies over them and eats them. Watch out when you come out of the portal, though. People may be waiting nearby!

Super Baiting

  1. To do this trick, you need to have a player waiting for you to split so that they can eat your pieces. But when you split, freeze in place so that when the other player splits, they miss you and then you can merge and eat them before they know it! Make sure not to split all into one spot, because they can eat all of your pieces in one split!

Many More and Beyond

  1. is a game with nearly endless possibilities, so there is much more to discover and do than just these here. If you have found out anything that could be useful, put it here and add to the vast collection of knowledge.