== Farming ==

As continues to grow in popularity and players, more ways to gain coins are arising. One of the popular ways will introduce the "Gold Block". This block is in most if not all of the game-modes, and when you shoot mass into it, coins will pop out that you can grab. You will receive usually around 200 coins per 1 coin in-game. Abilities, as mentioned in other articles, benefit players when using the gold block. The two main abilities, "Freeze Yourself" and "Sleight of Hand" will maximize your ability to gain coins. From my personal experience, farming will give players around 3,000 to 8,000. Once you have used the block to a certain point, it will turn grey. If the block is grey, you will need to wait about 3 minutes to reuse it. Although, if you give it about 7 minutes, the amount of coins you gain will double or even triple.

Gold block.png

Grey block.png

The most used farming game-modes include "Giant", because you have limitless size and there are multiple gold blocks within the server, but also Supersonic NA, simply because the server is usually one of the lowest in players and competition.

Once you have farmed up enough coins, they can be used for almost anything including bots, abilities, power-ups, skins and more.