Farming meaning

In farming means to collect coins/powerups or mass using a simple contraption or game mechanic. In this article, you will learn the easiest strategies to successfully farm in Agma.

Coins farming

Way one

100 Normal Bots

The first way to farm coins is expensive but way more efficient than t he second. You have to buy bots (100 bots recommended) and a Gold Block. So once you have these two requirements, go to the Supersonic server. Place your Gold Block at a corner and enable your bots. Then, start feeding the Gold Block to start earning coins. Also you will get mass by the bots.

A Gold Block

Also, at some point the Gold Block will turn grey. That means that you can't earn more coins from it. Wait some seconds and the Block will turn gold again. TIP: If you wait 10 minutes without feeding the Gold Block, the next time you feed it, it will give 3 times more coins than normally.

Way two

For the second way you don't have to buy anything. Just go to the Solo server and start running around the map collecting coins that spawn every 5 minutes. In this server 1 coin = 300 coins. Also, make su re you stay under 200 mass so you can move around faster and get the most coins.

Powerups farming

In order to start farming powerups you need to go to the Solo and enter the 2nd Secret Room. To enter it you have to go to the bottom-left corner of the map and find the 1st Secret Room. There is a portal there, feed it until it blows up and then feed it exactly 7 more times. After doing that, enter the portal and it will teleport you to the 2nd Secret Room. In this room Speeds, Recombines and mass balls spawn and you can collect them.

Also, when you are in a Secret Room you lose mass fast. So, you have to farm mass when you are in the Secret Room 2. The only way to farm mass in this room is by using the portal. I will explain how to portal-farm later in the article.

Mass farming

A portal

With portals

It is simple to farm mass by using a portal (portal-farm). As you possibly know, portals pop some pallets after feeding them a certain mass. So, in order to portal-farm mass you have to simply feed a portal continuously. Why? Because the mass that the portal gives you is more than the mass you give it. Also, make sure you get all the pallets that the portal gives you. Otherwise, the farm will not work and you will lose mass.

With viruses

A virus

In some Agma servers, you can duplicate viruses by feeding them. If you are in one of these servers you can start farming mass by the viruses. How? Just duplicate some viruses and then eat them. A lot of people don't know, but viruses make you split into a coup

le pieces and give you some mass as well. So, by using this technique, you can farm mass in

Experience farming

You need experience to level up in Agma. The only way to get exp is by playing the game. Also, the higher mass you have, the more exp you get. This means that when you farm mass, you actually farm exp as well. I explained how to farm mass above in the article.