Farming powerups is getting popular in because players are less willing to buy them for coins. It is highly recommended to have freeze. Secret rooms have mass decay. How to do it:

  1. Go to secret room usually around D1 (the first secret room) and shoot 7 mod 10 "w" in the portal. So when the portal breaks, the w count is 0.
  2. You can get from the second room to the first room by doing the same thing, except in Crazy. In Crazy, you can get to D1 (the closest place to the first room) by shooting 7 mod 10 in the portal.
  3. When someone else shoots 7 into the portal and goes into it, you can shoot w's in there and he won't go into the other secret room!
  4. In case if this happens to you, stay frozen in the portal until you are almost not visible (this could be as low as <10 mass that shows on the top left corner and you may have to freeze/unfreeze very quickly). Then the other player will try to get into the second room and at the moment he shoots 7 (shot count) mod 10 w's in the portal, you unfreeze.
  5. The shot count in the portal automatically resets to 0 if it is shot 7 times and someone portaled, so if the portal spawns pellets only when you w 10 times into the portal and no one is in your room, then it is best to shoot 7 w's in the portal after the 10 and wait for the +2500 mass (looks like a plus) to spawn before portaling.
  6. In the second room, there are 3 plusses that spawn; the two outer ones are +1000 mass, the middle one is +500 mass.
  7. You can kill a smaller player by pressing freeze first, then splitting through the portal to overlap his cell. Usually this should be done in the first room instead of the second room. Note that you have to be very careful because the guy you are splitting for might be able to run away.
  8. The pellets the portal ejects after 10 shots are replaced by people who spawn, so if you really want to get to the secret room (usually first), spam m key until you spawn there!
  9. Portal popsplits can be done when a player splits (usually double) into the other player for him to go into the portal. Then you can stay in the second room and farm without him! Note that this might not always work. The opponent should be close enough to the portal.
  10. 360 shot can shoot the opponent into the portal, usually used in the second room. To check if it is likely to work, draw a line from yourself to your opponent and see if it extends to the portal. If it does, then the 360 shot will probably work. If it doesn't, then you probably shouldn't use 360 shot. One shot is enough to get the opponent in the portal. Be careful that you might get yourself into the portal as well, so be far away enough from the portal.
  11. Multibox farming is farming with multiple accounts (usually 2) with one protecting the first room and the other one farming powerups.
  12. If you see someone frozen and split into the portal, there is a good chance that he is multiboxing. He can't stay there forever because the cell is automatically portaled after 5 minutes, but one can already get at least 3 recombines and 3 speeds in a regular farming server when 5 minutes is over.
  13. If a big cell blocks the first room, then he is either protecting a friend farming in the second room or he is multiboxing. It is usually best to leave that server as there are almost always servers that you can farm in, but if you really want to kill that guy, the only ways are to shoot a virus, get bigger mass, or multibox yourself so you can feed your main cell.
  14. There are people who try to block the secret room with the coin block, so the best way is to get more mass than the person who blocks the room. That cell will gradually lose mass to about 4k and you can move the block past him when you get more than 4k. Also splitting excessively can move the block a little bit, but then it cannot be moved anymore because the blocker's cell is still bigger. If the player max splits to farm mass in Crazy servers, maybe you might get in and eat him! This is also a reason why non-giant servers only have 1 block because 2 blocks can completely block a secret room.
  15. The servers to farm recombines and speeds equally (like if you get 1 speed every 2 minutes, then you also get 1 recombine every 2 minutes) are Crazy, Popsplit Paradise, Instant EU, Virusfarm, Splitrun Paradise, and Instant NA X and Y. In, the secret room spawns about 2 speeds for 1 recombine, so you wouldn't get as much recombines there, but you usually can get a spot there. The instants are usually hardest to farm powers unless you can dominate the server (where there are a lot of friends and they are big). In Crazy servers, cells move slowly, so spamming m key is usually helpful. If you own the first secret room in Crazy, it is best to max split to avoid mass loss and farm the plusses that spawn every few minutes until you are bigger than the guy in the second room.
  16. Most solo multibox farmers go to Popsplit Paradise, but in Splitrun Paradise, there are usually a lot of people and it is quite hard to multibox farm there, so Splitrun Paradise might be a good place if you want a few recombines and speeds.
  17. In Crazy, people usually farm powers by "teaming." They usually don't use coin blocks to block the first room because they usually alternate farming in the second room. You might have to kill the cell blocking the first room with a virus. When the virus enters a secret room, it is shot like an experimental virus (it slides), not an FFA one, so they can move quite fast.
  18. In Virusfarm, both secret rooms are relatively big, and they both have green pellets. In the second room, there are two portals, and you can farm mass to about 10-15k from them by feeding the portal. The left portal is usually easier to farm mass than the right one, and most people farm from the left one because powerups spawn there. The coin block is usually found at the right portal, but it can be moved to the left one (it is hard because cells move slowly and there is mass decay). There are plusses that spawn for you to farm mass more conveniently.
  19. Supersonic is not a reliable farming server because both rooms are accessible and many people go there for powers and bots.
  20. If you want a lot of recombines and speeds (for example 9 and 9 which is the limit), maybe you should multibox yourself. It is hard to get freeze on the other account, but if you have it, you can farm for a long time.