Who can have access to feature Agma-related Videos into the original game?

Since 2017, Many lots of agma players had access to feature their own agma content if the video has a good quality and does an amazing job up until the game's discord server was launched by the official game owner (Sora) in September 9, 2017. Ever since that situation had occured back then, Moderators had now have access to feature any youtuber's agma-content only if they follow the instructions, if youtubers refuse to do that then their video might not get featured, The only truth specifically about it is that Moderators are still currently, frankly featuring agma-content to this day. The only discord member that is alleged to become one of the most active members to feature agma-content is a staff member named, " Squirrel " and as of right now he isn't very active much as normal, maybe it's because of his job, And the only discord members that has the ability to is the ones that has the Moderator role, which is well knowned as Agma Mod role. Squirrel is actually one of my favorite staff members of all time in this community and I just don't think the demotion we end up targeting him, he is a very awesome staff.

In 2017, A youtuber named, " Lucifer " began making agma-related content and created his very first video and it frankly ended up getting featured which became one of the very first videos that were featured back then (Maybe...).



In 2018, A Youtuber named Kolibri has got one of his agma content videos featured along with IG agar, Lucifer, and a few more.

What are the instructions that I need to do to get my agma video featured even though I haven't got mine before?

Here are the instructions that you need to do:

1. Please check and see if the video has a good amount of quality (good enough so that when viewers will be able to watch it properly).

2. If the Moderators or the Staff Members think the video did an amazing job or it's basically just decent, then I'm sure they'll end up selecting yours.

3. After that, DM Squirrel on discord (Discord: Squirrel#0232) and let them check it out, and if they think the video has a good amount of quality and decent effort, they'll feature the video.

As of youtuber, if you think that getting your video featured is actually one of the most fun things you've experienced in your life, sure you always loved doing it all over again, your upcoming agma video might get featured in the game again if it does a decent job at the effort and everything.

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