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Hello, this is a blog about the Fortune Wheel

The Fortune Wheel is a Wheel that has rewards on it

How to get it:

You can only spin daily, 24h after you've claimed the spin, you can spin again.

You can also buy a spin from the Shop for 16,000 coins.


The spin contains the following:

Santa hat wearable

Recombine Powerup


50,000 coins

Speed Powerup

Growth Pellet

Spawn Portal


What you are probably gonna get:

Common= Least rare

Uncommon= Rarer then common

Rare= Rarer the uncommon

Speed & Recombine Powerup is probably the most common thing, you can get from the Fortune Wheel.

Growth Pellet, Mother Cell, Nothing & Portal is the most uncommon thing, you can get from the Fortune Wheel.

Santa hat & 50k coins is the most rare thing on the Fortune Wheel, but Santa is worth more on

If you don't play, heres a link: [1] <---

Welp, if you read all of this Thank you! I'm gonna have to say good bye now. Username: ReadyTarget

In-game name: Doxin