Friendlist icon.png Friendliest allows player to send friend requests and to see list of your friends.

To acces friendlist,player must click on friendlist icon which is just next to leaderboard.

When player click on the icon ,an FRIENDLIST window will appear, and just under sign FRIENDLIST will be your status.You can turn off your status in User Settings.

Then you will have two icons:

Friends - there you can see all your friends and if one of your friends is active the circle next to his name will be colored with green color

FRIENDLIST fr.requests.png
Fr.Requests - There a player can see all his friend requests.Friend requests will not remove until player accept them or untyl player remove them

On the underside you can see ADD NEW FRIEND where you send friend requests to another users.

If user you sended an friend requests still didn't accepted request just next to his name will write Pending acceptance.Player can also change size of the window with gold button which is located in bottom right edge of the window.

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