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What is the gold member and what you earn by buying it

First, the Gold Member is a VIP member/rank and you can earn it by buy it

When you buy it you have access to:

  • Gold nickname while playing
    Gold Crown.png
  • Gold Crown item, you can find it by watching on the Wearables
  • Gold Skins, you can find them by watching on the Gold section of the Skins
    G CROWN.png
  • Gold Crown next to your name in chat
  • 3 Free abilities:
  1. Infinity freeze yourself (pressing F key)
  2. Cloack Invisibility (pressing I key)
  3. Infinity 2x Spawn Size (automatic)
  • You can buy powerups (2x more than normal member) for day
  • You can turn on Skins on your minions/bots
  • You can turn off ads
  • You have access to Gold member only settings:
  1. Gold nickname (turn on/off)
  2. Gold crown in chat (turn on/off)
  3. Set skins on minions/bots (turn on/off)
  4. Video Ads (turn on/off)

How to become a Gold Member:

First you need to go on this page:

Than you need to click on: "I'm ready to become a Gold Member!"

After this, you need to put your username under: "Enter username to buy gold for:"

Than choose how many time you wont to add the Gold Member status for your account

(1 month = $4; 2 months = $7; 3 months = $9.5; 6 months = $18; 12 months = $32)

You can by it using: PayPal; Visa; Maestro; Amazonpay or Skrill

Insert you Pay Card codes and click "Continue"

In a short time your normal account should become a Gold account

I hope this post was useful and have good day! XD

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