Gold Membership Tutorial and Info

Welcome to! , This game is so fun (game like but it's moIre fun for me, i've been playing it for 2 months , today i wanna show you some info of Gold Membership.


It's really nice and only 4 Dollars for 1 month, and it has access to :

Gold Usernames.png

▶ Gold Usernames

Gold Members has golden usernames , you can disable or enable it (as you want) , others has default usernames so that a reason to buy it!

Gold Skins.png

▶ Gold Members - Skins

Gold members has their own skins too , only gold membership players has this skins!

▶ G Crown in Agma chat


Gold membership players has G Crown while chatting

▶ Unlimited Freeze and invisible mode


As a gold membership player , you will have access to Freeze yourself by pressing F key , and access to invisibility by pressing I key (default players got to buy Freeze and has no invisibility)

▶ Gold Crown Wearable / Double Mass Start


you will have access too as a gold membership to use Gold Crown in Wearables , and you will start with Double Mass (2000)

if you wanna try it , it will only take 2 minutes to buy , go to , enter the username you wanna use as a gold member , enter your paypal or credit card and Boom , you're a gold member.

And many things you will get as a gold membership player , so that why you should buy gold membership , i would but i don't have money... , so check it out , only 4 Dollars for month , Thanks for reading my article of Gold Membership.

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