Gold Membership can do lots of things. If you buy it with real money, you can have ads stopped from disturbing you when playing the game, you can freeze your own cell infinitely, you can make your cell invisible infinitely, you can spawn 2x than usual, you can get skins that only gold membership people can have access to (they are also really cool skins), you have a gold crown wearable, you have a gold crown next to your name when you chat to other people in the chat, you can put whatever skins you want on your bots, and you have a gold nickname. You can get 2x more powerups than a normal person would get if they didn't have a gold membership. This Gold Membership is actually a cool thing that no one would reject.

If you want to become a gold member now, you have to go to this website below:

  • Click on the 'I am ready to become a gold member'
  • Choose how long you want it for
  • Pay for it
  • Do what they say
  • You're a Gold Member!! username: kolibrixx