What is agma? is a multiplayer MMO game, where you have to eat other cells. You will have to play a lot to get coins and level up. But if you became a gold member, you will get a lot of things that will help you, level up quickly like:

-You will get fast eject mass by pressing and holding W

-You will instantly split all your cells at once by pressing Z

-You will start with double mass

-You will freeze your cells by pressing F

You will also get a bunch of other benefits and access to for example gold member only exclusive skins( you can only use them if you are a gold member), gold name, and much more.

How to get Gold Member?

To get Gold Membership in agma, head to

The membership costs $4 for one entire month.

To get a chance of receiving the gold membership without paying $4, you can do work by folloiwng the steps in this page: