How to farm coins fast

There are two ways to get coins in-game:

  1. Pick up the coins that spawn on the server:
    1. Coin value by server:
      1. Giant—200
      2. Instants—200
      3. Supersonic—200
      4. Selffeed—200
      5. Crazy—200
      6. Battle Royale—200
      7. Megasplit—200
      8. FastSplit Virusfarm (NA)—250
      9. Splitrun Paradise—300
      10. Popsplit Paradise—300
      11. Solo—300
      12. SlowSplit Virusfarm (EU)—350
    2. But that doesn't mean SlowSplit Virusfarm is always the server to go to!
      1. Cells move relatively slowly in virusfarm servers, and you start with about 200 mass, so it is hard to max split and eat the coins immediately (you need about 65 mass to consume the coin). There aren't many pellets that spawn, so it is hard to get mass (except if you farm viruses).
      2. Selffeed isn't the server to go to if you want to pick up coins that spawn (farming coins is much better in this server) because the server is very big and there is a specified number of coins that spawn in some certain period of time (maybe 10 in a minute), so it is quite rare to spawn next to a coin in such big servers.
      3. Giant is also a very big server and it is hard to pick up coins in that server.
      4. It takes quite long to merge in Megasplit, so it is hard to get coins quickly there.
      5. In Crazy servers with low player count, you can max split (a cell has to be 200 mass or more to split) and still collect coins when they are close to you. To get coins faster, just selffeed your cells so that you can split again. When you don't see coins, just respawn.
      6. Supersonic used to be a good place to pick up coins because cells move and merge quickly, and there are a lot of pellets, but a recent update lets players get bots that are about 100 mass, so essentially all the coins are consumed by the bots.
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