When a player creates an account and logs in, they will be able to gain levels.Levels are gained with EXP, and EXP is gained from playing the game. You gain more EXP depending on your mass in-game. To level up you need 100 XP.

EXP can be gained 2x faster by buying it in the shop.

Ways to level up fast.

One of the best ways to get EXP fast is by farming viruses.The second best way is by eating other people. The best server to farm is "SuperSonic NA/EU" It has alot of viruses there. Aka it improves your farm speed. It also isn't as populated as other servers.


Since Updates January 12, people who level up get rewarded with coins.

0-9 = 500 coins, 10-19 = 1000 coins, 20-29 = 2000 coins, 30-39 = 3000 coins, and 40-49 = 4000 coins etc.


If a player keeps leveling up they can get High Scores on the Chart. Currently the MAX LEVEL is 200.