How to get a big YouTube'r!

First you need to do is to creata a youtube channel with Profisional art! Fea channel.PNG And with good agma content video's!


A Profisional logo and banner!


Upload :

Make Profisional Agma video's with good edit!

and the music need's to be synched!

and the clip's need's to be good\pro too!

Featuring video's in agma page!


To be featured your video need's to be more longer that

2 Minute's!. And with a Profisional Thumbnail To get more audience

on your agma channel!

How to get featured ? :

So to get featured you need to contact agma staff to get ur video into agma page!

You can contact agma staff only in discord or in 'Discord is the easy way'

First upload your video on youtube and sent it to a agma staff member named 'Squrriel'


Then when the video is featured your channel will grow more faster and get more views! and like's

Thank you for reading\visiting my page!

Please dont forget to chek my Agma channel nammed:FireEagle-Agmaio

Thank you!

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