How to get bots quickly is a FREE multiplayer MMO game for all languages, and races! If you like leveling up, competing for #1, and having your very own name and skin, then is the game for you! There are many game modes for you to choose from so feel free to try any of them! Stop by and have some fun!

Have you ever wanted bots but didn't know how to get them? Lucky for you I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve that gets me bots very quickly. The first way you can earn bots is from simply buying them from the shop. There's 10, 40, 50, 80, bots and so on. Each last for an hour but also cost in game currency. The FREE way of getting bots is simple. For the free bots you can go to the game modes Supersonic, XY insta or X insta to claim bots. TO find them all you have to do is go around the map and look for a blob with a minion picture on it (as seen in figure #1). Once you find this blob, quickly "eat" it and you will have free bots! The more of the minion blobs you get, the higher the bot count! You can control, feed, split, and team with your own bots to become the #1 competitor! I hope you have learned something from this and have a good day / night !!


Figure #1

User: Yeetdatouttahere

Thank you!

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